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Smoke detector in a smokey room

Smoke Alarm Installation in Whetstone, London

At Joe's Electrical, we keep homes safe with our smoke alarm installations. Our heat detectors and carbon dioxide alarms provide even more protection, so you can have peace of mind. 

We'll make sure your alarms are in the right spots for maximum safety. Don't wait until it's too late—protect your home and your family today with Joe's Electrical.

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Protecting Your Property: Smoke Alarms, Heat Detectors, and Carbon Dioxide Detection

Smoke Alarms

At Joe's Electrical, we are experts in installing and maintaining smoke alarms to keep your family safe. Our reliable smoke alarms will alert you to any potential fires, giving you the time you need to evacuate and call for help.

Heat Detectors

Our heat detectors are designed to pick up on rapid changes in temperature, providing an early warning for fires. We will keep your home or business safe with our heat detector installation and maintenance services.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide can be deadly if undetected, which is why it's essential to have reliable carbon dioxide detectors on your property. At Joe's Electrical, we offer professional installation and regular maintenance for your peace of mind.

Smoke detector and coloured smoke


Q: How often should I test my smoke alarms and heat detectors?

A: We recommend testing your smoke alarms and heat detectors once a month to ensure they are functioning properly. It's also essential to replace the batteries in your smoke alarms at least once a year.

Q: Do carbon dioxide detectors require regular maintenance?

A: Yes, regular maintenance is crucial for carbon dioxide detectors. At Joe's Electrical, we offer professional installation and regular maintenance to ensure your carbon dioxide detectors are always working as they should.

Q: How long do smoke alarms, heat detectors, and carbon dioxide detectors last?

The lifespan of these detectors can vary, but we recommend replacing smoke alarms and heat detectors every 10 years and carbon dioxide detectors every 5–7 years to ensure their effectiveness.

What our customers say about us

"Fast response, competitive quote, straightforward advice, and professional service. Joe and Stan are very easy to deal with. They know exactly what to do, and they do it. I was very comfortable with them both in my house."
Vince via MyBuilder

Keep Your Family Safe: Schedule Your Smoke Alarm Installation Today

Give us a call now to schedule an appointment and ensure your home is protected. We also offer heat detectors and carbon dioxide alarms for complete peace of mind.

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